DYJ100A Battery Powered Hydraulic Cable Cutter

Battery Powered Hydraulic Cable Cutter DYJ100A

£1,250.00 + Vat
Cutting Range :- Capable of cutting Cu or Al steel armoured cable below Dia 100mm.  Also capable of cutting vehicle exhaust pipes.
Product Features :- LED Screen Display. Shows number of cycles / cuts, % battery Power remaining and temperature. Open Type blade head, convenient operation, Strong structure, 2 speed action. The piston advances rapidly at low pressure. When the blade contacts the cable the piston advances slowly. Powerful 18v 4.0 Ah high performance Lithium battery. Comes with 2 x Batteries and Charger. Automatic reset (return to start position) when the cutting process complete Manual reset. Press rest button when the cutting process is wrong. The blades will return to the starting position The tool has an audible low power warning automatically activated below 20% power. Specification:- Net weight :11.2kg Size : 630x360x175 18v 4.0Ah high performance Lithium battery. Recharge time 2 hrs Comes in a heavy duty case
Sold exclusively in the UK by SB Recycling Machinery.  Call Steve on 07833 232 004


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