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Have a demonstration of the most efficient fork lift mounted sweeper available.

I will bring either the Classic Steel , Universal Compact or the Universal Classic Broom to your yard so that you can have a no obligation trial.  


All Steel Brooms in 4 sizes.  Compact, Classic, Large & Extra Large.  Eco Brooms with Nylon bristles come in 3 sizes.  Classic, Large & Extra Large.  

The Butti srl Fork Mounted brooms also have a range of options that can be added to adapt it to your specific materials.  Whether you need a front plate to aid pushing materials or side brushes.  All the equipment available is listed in the specification sheets below.


If you need a fork mounted Industrial broom, we believe that there is no other sweeper available on the market that can out perform the range of forklift mounted brushes offered by Butti srl. Dont take our word for it.  Before you buy another substandard broom, take advantage of the no obligation demonstration on your site, sweeping your materials.  Then decide.


The power of Evolution

Everything in life evolves, either naturally or otherwise, and so it is with fork mounted sweepers.  Recyclers have bought lightweight, Nylon 

brush sweepers that do ‘a job’ because there has never been an 

alternative.  Then Butti srl and their innovative design team responded 

to a request from Scrap Metal Merchants to give them something more 

robust, that sweeps better and for longer.  Butti srl engineered the first All Steel fork mounted broom.  They standardized the brush sections so that they were common through all the brooms in the range, regardless of the model or size of the brush.  Butti also offered solutions specific to the materials being swept.  Front blades, curved blades & side brushes. The All Steel range of brooms developed to what it is today.  Available inCompact, Classic, Large and Extra Large models.  


ITS TRUE, ITS HERE By the power of evolution, the Universal range of All Steel brooms has arrived.  Now you can have an All Steel, robust, fork mounted sweeper for the same price as the lightweight nylon 

brushes available.  

Test the Butti srl Universal All Steel broom against your Mega , Basil or “Super” sweeper.  We are confident that you will be impressed.  

Make the comparison today.


NOTE.  The official launch of the Butti srl Universal range of Industrial brooms will be at the RWM2015 at the NEC.  However, we will have the first models available for demonstration and purchase in advance of this.  Please check back soon and watch out for special promotional prices.  If you require additional information in advance of the launch, please do not hesitate to contact Steve on 07833 232 004.






ECO Brooms with PP (Polypropelyne) Brushes.  Available in 4 sizes. Compact, Classic, Large & Extra Large.



Universal Eco Brooms.  Available in 3 sizes



Tipping Skips




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