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Electric Motor Recycling

Electric Motor Recycling in the UK.


SB Recycling Machinery have their all new Electric Motor Recycling system available for demonstration in Sheffield.  S Yorkshire


To book as demonstration:-

Call  Steve on 07833 232 004


Profitable recycling of scrap electric motors is now possible with the SB Recycling Machinery Electric Motor Wrecker.

The working cycle of this revolutionary machine can be described in the following 3 steps: 
- The wrecking of cast iron motor housing and removal of the stator/rotor;
- The splitting of the stator or transformer block in 2 equal parts;
- Separating iron and copper of the stator by means of a sophisticated hydraulic operation.

With the set of accessories included even the most difficult stators can be simply recycled.

This is an extremely robust machine, Produced using European manufactured components and according to the latest machinery guidelines.  This machine comes fully CE-Certified.
- Ergonomic working height.
- Maximum consideration given to Operator safety.
- Robust construction.
- Easy to relocate. 
- Plug in and go operation. 
- Readily available spare parts.


SB Recycling Machinery's system works on a modular principle unlike others available.  Each element within SB recycling Machinery's system has its own hydraulic power pack and motor.  This has the advantage that each module can to be used independantly of each other, rather than completing all the breaking and splitting before being able to extrude the copper.


Because of the modular principle, if a processor wants to just have one module Breaker/Splitter + one extruding module that is absolutely possible.  If, however, you are are looking at a 'production line' whereby moving from breaking to splitting to extruding, that is also possible.  In that scenario we would supply 3 modules.  One Breaker + One splitter + one extruder.


Prices as of Aug 2020'

System 1

Breaker/Splitter (Tool Change required) + Extruder £10995 + Delivery + Vat.


System 2

Breaker Module + Splitter Module + Extruder Module £14995 + Delivery + Vat


Call Steve on +44 7833 232 004 for more information.


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