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Cable Stripping Machines  

SB Recycling Machinery Currently Supply 3 different models of Cable Stripping Machine






The SBCS9250S which is a 3 phase machine capable of 

stripping cable upto 55mm diameter through multiple appertures.  Being 3 phase it has a 5hp 

(3.73kw) motor.  This is a sturdy machine, sitting on a fabricated frame,

in all it weighs 250kg. It is robust and our customers have found it to be  totally reliable.  I have been selling this machine since 2008 and the first machines sold are still running as well today as when they were first delivered.


For those customers possibly without a 3 phase supply, SB Recycling Machinery offer our single phase  MSY50B Cable Stripping Machine.  

Although bench top mounted, it is still able to strip cable from 1.5mm to 35mm diameter through multiple appertures.  The Machine has a 2HP (1.5KW) motor and weighs 78kg.  I have been selling these machines since 2011 and my customers have been very happy with the performance and reliability.  Because it is single phase some customers chose to take it in the van to the job site. This is a great little machine, equally at home processing cable all day, every day.  Its low cost makes it a sensible choice for electrical engineers and small yards alike.


The most recent machine added to the SB Recycling Machinery range, introduced in January 2020' is the SBCS120  This machine is a Hybrid of other machines.  It has multiple appertures on the one side, capable of stripping cable from 1.5mm upto 25mm.  Then to the right side, there is an adustable vice and twin blade combination which allows this machine to strip upto Dia 120mm cable.  The machine is available in both single or 3 phase.  Since its launch, this machine has proven very popular, as it gives the flexibility to process a very wide range of cable sizes.  It is probably the most versatile machine available in the UK.


All Cable stripping machines supplied by SB Recycling Machinery are competitively priced and come with a 12 month warranty.


Contact Steve on 07833 232 004 to check availability 


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