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Wet Separation Systems

We are pleased to announce that Metal Marketing d.o.o, have selected SB Recycling Machinery to represent them in the UK & Ireland.

The Croatian manufacturer produces a range of wet separation systems to meet customers requirements, with capacity (Material input) ranging from 300kg per hour, upto a maximum of 1200kg ~1300kg per hour.  Metal Marketing can also manufactur a range of feeding hoppers and also water filters that are particularly useful to remove the smallest metallic particals.  Eg.  If you had processed your Copper cable on a dry separation system using a Turbo mill for the fine hair wire, there may well be some 'Cu dust' in the plastic fraction.  With a water filter it is possible to remove the Cu fraction.


For more information.  Call Steve on +44 7833 232 004

or visit the Metal Marketing Website following the link below.


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