Single Shaft Shredders



SB Series Single Shaft Shredders are widely used in the volumetric reduction of various waste products, including but not restricted to the following.  Plastc Bottles, Plastic Pipes, Woven Bags, Electrical Cable, Wood, Paper, Domestic Rubbish & Electronic Waste.  A suitable screen can be chosen depending upon the materials being processed and the next processing requirement.  The Output material discharged by the shredder could be an end product or the primary feed for the next process.  The SB Series Shredder can be equipped with many different rotor configurations.  In addition, a cooling system, bead welds & an additional wear layer can be added.  The options are limitless


The machine shown is a 25HP Single Shaft shredder.  There are several models available up a machine with a 100HP motor.


Hydraulic System (111) makes the Pushing Devise (11) run and Motors transfer power into the Rotor (1) by means of a belt and pulley gearbox.

The Rotor upper stator blade (2) and bottom stator blade (3) will cut the material being processed.  Materials are fed into the hopper, enter inside the shredding chamber and are pushed between the Rotor blades (1), upper stator blades (2) and bottom stator blades (3).

After being shred, processed materials will become smaller.  When the materials size is smaller than the mesh screen (1V), shredded matrials will fall through the screen.





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